What is Your Healthiest Best?

Living your healthiest best - it's all about living well and striving for fulfillment in many aspects of life. 

At EvergreenHealth, we know there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to living your healthiest best - it's all about what works for you and your family.

This website is designed to help you reach your healthiest best with advice on foods and activities to try, wellness and screening information along with tools such as links, apps and podcasts to help you along your journey.

To get you started, we asked some EvergreenHealth specialists what living your “healthiest best” means for them:


“Living my healthiest best means keeping a positive attitude and staying happy. I believe that good health is linked to happiness. I feel that keeping the patients that I work with happy, along with providing safe and quality health care, will lead to the best outcome.”

Andrew Martina, OTR//L 
Rehabilitation Services

“My family and I make intentional choices to spend quality time doing something fun and active. That’s how I’ve been living my healthiest best lately, as a family unit.”

Karlyn Huddy, MD
EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care



“Staying active is very important. Finding fun and creative ways to do so makes it even more enjoyable. The trick is to adapt to your environment…shine, sleet, or snow.”

Oscar Gonzalez, MD
EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care

“Living your ‘healthiest best’ is about taking care of yourself by exercising regularly, having a healthy diet, not overeating, getting adequate sleep, having good ways of managing stress and enjoying life. For patients living with a chronic disease, there is also a role for a care provider team to give knowledge and guidance in developing an individual treatment plan.”

Ted R. Brown, MD, MPH
MS Center at EvergreenHealth



“Living your healthiest best may seem impossible: eat better, lose weight, avoid stress and get enough sleep. Where do you begin? What I do and advise my patients to do is focus on one thing and set achievable milestones. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, define your goal and tackle it one step at a time.

I recently backpacked the Grand Canyon, from the South to the North Rim. I was intimidated by the final 6,000-foot ascent. I wasn’t sure that I could do it. I took it step by step and before I knew it, I conquered all 6,000 feet with that 30 pound pack on my back."

Josephine Wang, MD
EvergreenHealth Women’s Care

“I run, and mostly in wooded areas. Especially if I’m feeling stressed or tired from a long day of work, running makes my entire body feel relieved and clears my mind. I love the foliage of the Pacific Northwest and getting outdoors brings me joy. I try to remember this when working with my patients and incorporate therapy outside whenever possible.”

Brianne Lynch, DPT
Rehabilitation Services



“My wife, son and I play tennis four or five times a week! Not only does it help me maintain my cardiovascular health, it has helped me stay close to my family while encouraging my son to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Playing tennis is great for reducing stress and keeps me mentally sharp to continue providing care for patients every day.”

Jacob Lin, MD 
EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care