What Does a Doctor and Busy Mom Eat in a Day?

Sharing "What I Eat in a Day" lists is a popular trend among health and nutrition magazines, fitness bloggers and lifestyle icons--giving readers insight to the fit, fresh and trendy meals these health role-models are regularly consuming.

While the glossy description of an acai-berry chia-seed granola bowl is fun to daydream about making on Sunday, some of these food-diary snapshots may not seem relatable for busy on-the-go professionals, juggling work and family and squeezing in time for friends and hobbies.

However, that's not to say, it can't be done!

EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Redmond doctor and new mom, Dr. Sarah Fairchild gave us a look into an average day of her diet, proving that with some thoughtful consideration, creativity and a little help from Trader Joe's, nutritious (and fun) eating is possible--even on a doctor's and a toddler mom's schedule.

So what's on Dr. Fairchild's menu?

Last week, she tracked meals and snacks from an average Sunday and Monday:



"My advice when it comes to your everyday choices is to make eating healthy food a priority, as it not only affects your long-term health, but also greatly impacts how you feel on a daily basis" says Dr. Fairchild. 

"Take the time to plan a bit and take shortcuts to make it feasible, for example, mix and match some basic components you enjoy to keep things easy and interesting," she adds. "And, give yourself grace when you fall of course a bit-- it's not all or nothing!"

Image of Dr. Sarah Fairchild, primary care and family medicine physician at EvergreenHealth Primary Care in Redmond, WA.

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Dr. Sarah Fairchild practices family medicine and pediatric primary care at EvergreenHealth Primary Care in Redmond, WA.

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