March Health Madness Challenge

Image for EvergreenHealth's March Health Madness challenge.Let the Madness begin!

We invite you and your friends to participate in our Healthiest Best March Health Madness Bracket Challenge!  It's a competition for fun and fitness.

The head-to-head match ups cover the three pillars of physical activity, nutrition and stress management. Choose your favorite “team” in each match up and do that activity.

You can take the challenge yourself, or invite friends and co-workers to join you and crown a winner at the end.

Do you have what it takes to go all the way to the finals? Will you be this year’s Cinderella Story?

No matter what, you’ll be a winner with Be Your Healthiest Best as you work your way through this fun, challenging and healthy bracket!

How Does It Work?

STEP 1:  Print out the March Health Madness bracket.

STEP 2:  Choose a winner from each of the head-to-head match ups. (For example in the top left “game,” you may choose to attend a class or go on a 30-minute walk.)

STEP 3:  Write in your “winner” in the line next to the match up after you’ve completed the task.

STEP 4:  Complete the entire first round.

STEP 5:  Check back on Mar. 10 for the results, which will be posted in the next round's bracket. Circle your winners and cross out your losers.

STEP 6:  Move on to the next round!

Winners of each round will be released on these dates:


Find the Guided Relaxation Tapes.

Find new fruits and vegetables to try

Invite Others to Join You

Print out extra brackets and encourage your coworkers, friends and family to join you in the healthy fun!

And don’t forget to check back for results to see what healthy habit is going to win the March Health Madness Bracket Challenge.