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Emergency Room

Experiencing a medical emergency?  Call 9-1-1.

EvergreenHealth Emergency Care is open 24/7 to serve you and your family.

Emergency room locations & wait times

About our wait times

We provide average wait times as an informational service.

These approximate times are based on a rolling average that is updated every five minutes and may not represent the actual current activity or wait time at our facilities.

The wait times displayed here represent the time it takes from a patient’s check in at an emergency room or urgent care until the patient is placed in a room.

All patients are first assessed by a clinical professional and then triaged according to the nature and severity of illness or injury.

Please note that the nature of your illness, along with the severity of the conditions of other patients, could affect your specific wait time.

Average wait times are provided as estimates only and do not reflect the overall time that you may spend in our care.

Depending on the nature of your illness or injury, and the unpredictable volume of patients requiring emergency care at any given time, the wait time and duration of your visit will vary.

EvergreenHealth Monroe Emergency Care

EvergreenHealth Monroe's emergency room is designated a Level 4 Trauma Center and is fully certified to handle any medical emergency. If need be, stabilized patients may then be transferred to a higher level trauma center.

Our Monroe emergency room staff includes:

  • The same board-certified physicians that staff EvergreenHealth's other ERs (not all ERs require providers to be board-certified in emergency medicine)
  • Registered nurses trained in advanced cardiac support, pediatric advanced life support and trauma care course certified
  • Physician assistants

Fast track

The Fast Track area treats patients with less severe illnesses and injuries and allows them to be seen, treated and released more quickly than the standard emergency area.

If your illness requires a more extensive work-up, including labs and x-rays, you will be seen in the regular emergency department area.

Trauma rooms

The EvergreenHealth Monroe emergency room includes two trauma rooms, with specialized equipment such as:

  • A mobile ultrasound machine that allows for identification of internal bleeding in two minutes or less
  • A CO-Oximeter for quicker testing for oxygenation levels
  • A digital vein viewing system that illuminates patients' veins for increased precision in placing IVs

EvergreenHealth Monroe is designated as a Level 4 Trauma Center.

Advanced stroke evaluation

The emergency room also offers one of the most advanced, rapid emergency stroke care evaluations in the Puget Sound region, where providers are able to perform a complete evaluation of a potential stroke patient within 20 minutes of arrival.

This allows providers to determine the severity of a stroke diagnosis quickly, while also enabling them to provide the patient with the appropriate medicine to alleviate symptoms, as well as determine if surgery or other immediate procedures are needed.

Quick evaluations are critical for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients and help reduce related long-term disabilities strokes can cause.

During on-call times, including late nights and some weekends, the ER utilizes Telestroke technology to connect with stroke experts for immediate patient evaluations and treatment planning.

Our stroke care has been recognized with the 2019 Get with the Guidelines Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award from the American Stroke Association.

This award recognizes EvergreenHealth Monroe’s commitment and success in implementing a high standard of stroke care by ensuring that their stroke patients receive treatment that meets nationally accepted, evidence-based standards and recommendations

When to call 9-1-1:

  • Abdominal pain (severe)
  • Asthma attack (severe)
  • Bleeding (uncontrolled)
  • Burns (severe)
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness/Fainting
  • Ingestion of poison
  • Major head injury
  • Seizures
  • Shock
  • Shortness of breath
  • Significant trauma or injuries
  • Unconscious or loss of consciousness
  • Visible fractures

Urgent care

EvergreenHealth Urgent Care centers located in Mill Creek, Woodinville and Kenmore are available for non-emergency illness and accidents.

24-hour nurse line

EvergreenHealth's free consulting nurse service provides home care information, and can help you determine if urgent care or emergency care is called for. Call 360.794.1111 and press "2" at the prompt.